“The Outsiders” by William N. Thorndike

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The Outsiders, written by William N. Thorndike, is a captivating story about two rival gangs living in the fictional city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Set in the 1960s, the novel follows Ponyboy Curtis, an intelligent and introspective teenager from a lower-class family who struggles to find his place in life and comes from a gang termed “the Greasers”. On the other hand are the rival social class of “the Socs” or Socials who come from wealthy families and enjoy all of the privileges that come with it.
The novel focuses on Ponyboy’s journey as he learns to navigate between these two worlds which are often at odds with each other. Throughout this journey, Ponyboy discovers bravery and loyalty among his friends and learns how powerful friendship can be even when faced with adversity. The story sees Ponyboy mature into adulthood as he faces challenges such as facing off against his adversaries in fights and dealing with the death of his beloved brother.
The novel also explores themes such as social class, prejudice, and justice while tackling difficult topics such as police brutality and racial profiling. By drawing attention to these issues that were so common during this era, Thorndike seeks to highlight how much things have changed since then but also bring attention to how little progress has been made over time towards achieving equality in society.
Overall, The Outsiders is an inspiring coming-of-age novel that highlights themes of friendship, loyalty, and overcoming adversity despite various obstacles standing in one’s way. Through its captivating storytelling style and characters that readers can easily identify with, The Outsiders offers a thought-provoking look into life during this era and encourages readers to think more deeply about some of the issues still relevant today.
The Outsiders is an essential read for anyone looking to learn more about human relationships and the impact of social class on our everyday lives. It provides a powerful narrative that will stay with readers long after they’ve finished reading it and serves as a reminder that we all have the power to create change in our own lives and communities.
Readers of all ages can take something away from this story, making The Outsiders truly timeless. For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure, pick up a copy today—you won’t regret it!

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