Wisher, Washer, Wishy-Washy : How to Move from Just Existing to Personal Abundance!


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A fictional story with a real application! It is a story about life, growth and leadership through a little boys progression into manhood. His mesmerized parents know that he carries a gift but the childs inner compass leads him astray into the easy life syndrome. As he matures, he finds a purpose to become successful and a change agent for the world. He wished many a time, then he became wishy-washy and through enlightenment of the power of water he discovers potentiality by being a doer, a washer. This book blends time-tested philosophy with a suite of modern day tools for the psyche that are published in several business related books. You will see these nuggets streamlined into simple phrases that can be applied by anyone throughout the story. In the Self-Awareness chapter, inborn skills, acquired skills, attitude, failures and the like are synthesized into a unique, and simple, mathematical formula for success.




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