When You Know You’re a Believer


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Hearts call for peace…. Minds hunger for wisdom….. Souls thirst for sanctification….. The human spirit needs to be fed, to be loved, to find answers, and to be set free. The world of the Beloved Creator awaits you in abundant love, eternal light, living waters ever flowing. Every soul secretly wishes to be closer to truth, grace, blessings, enlightenment. Closer to its beginning. Closer to its Creator. You’re invited to experience peace and fulfillment unlike any you have ever experienced or conceived. Now, this moment, is your moment. Follow the call of the Good Shepherd, Messiah, Prince of Peace. Sample His world for just a moment in time. The great hand of the Savior holds the door open…. Do you really think that it’s by mere chance that you’re pondering this book? Whether you’re a long-time believer, a new believer, a non-believer, or even a skeptic, there is something special in this book just for you.




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