Train Up a Mom: A Bible Study for Mothers


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MOTHERHOOD 101. As mothers, wea (TM)re to train our children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6.) But exactly how do we train our children? And who trains us? Train Up a Mom provides moms with the guidance they need for training themselves in godliness. Drawing on the material she has developed from more than thirty years of raising her own children and ministering to other moms, Vollie Sanders teaches mothers: 1) What it really means to train up a child 2) How to claim Goda (TM)s promises for your children 3) Practical ways to affirm your childa (TM)s unique personality 4) How to be a godly mother even when your kids arena (TM)t turning out as planned 5) How to recognize life experiences as training for motherhood 6) Ways to study your children by comparing them with biblical characters 7) And much more! Ideal for womena (TM)s groups or small-group Bible studies, Train Up a Mom helps mothers focus on God and entrust Him with the lives of their children.

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