The Young Couple’s Guide to Growing Rich Together


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Specific Strategies for Overcoming Common Money Worries and Making Smart Financial Decisions Together Paying off five- and six-figure student loans … Launching careers in a confusing and uncertain job market … Young couples today face dozens of financial stresses and difficulties that their parents never dreamed of. The Young Couple's Guide to Growing Rich Together takes a unique and personal approach to successfully addressing them all. Calming and reassuring, it provides the advice and answers you need to combine two financial lives into one, discussing everything from eliminating old debt and starting a family to buying a home, saving for retirement, and much more.Nationally known financial advisor Jill Gianola follows the experiences of a typical couple to offer commonsense guidance on both the financial and nonfinancial aspects of a special and still-developing relationship. Let this insightful, entertaining book provide you with: Strategies for establishing a workable savings, investment, and tax-cutting plan from day one Techniques for controlling your costs and saving for what you really want Flexible financial strategies that will adapt to meet the lifetime needs of your growing family The most challenging, yet rewarding, business partnership you will ever enter is that between you and your companion. Make it work from the start, and discover how to build a financially rewarding life together, with The Young Couple's Guide to Growing Rich Together.

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