The Ten Commandments of Mindpower Golf: No-Nonsense Strategies for Mastering Your Mental Game


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Master the mental aspects of golf with these ten easy-to-follow principles “There is a tremendous depth of talent in today's golf game, but what separates the good from the great is that all-important organ between the ears.”
–From the foreword by David Leadbetter How often have you heard that a golfer “has a good head for the game” or that a player is “a mental case”? Anyone who's ever set foot on the links knows that the game of golf is psychological–a contest of wit and willpower. It is at its core a mental game, and to play well you need to have tremendous concentration, focus, and emotional control–mind skills that even the most technically proficient golfers must learn along the way. For decades, Robert K. Winters, Ph.D., affectionately known as “Dr. Bob,” has been teaching these skills to players at all levels of the sport–touring professionals, top amateurs, collegiate players, and junior golfers alike. In “The Ten Commandments of Mindpower Golf,” Dr. Bob brings his years of expertise to you. In easy-to-follow prose, free of philosophical jargon, Dr. Bob outlines his proven action plan for success–ten ironclad strategies for winning the battle within yourself and mastering the mental game. By following these ten commandments and adhering to their simple lessons, you'll be able to show up at the golf course armed with a clear understanding of how to plan your strategy and think effectively, from the first tee to the eighteenth green. Through personal assignments, eye-opening stories of celebrated golfers, and key-point summaries, Dr. Bob shows you how to: Develop–and maintain–a great attitude Create a strong belief system for self-improvement Increase your effectiveness while playing your own game Stay in the moment Promote patience and a positive outlook Commit to your golf goals Keep your game simple Expect the best and be prepared for the worst Build trust in yourself Create a mentally tough mindset and never give up With an inspiring foreword by David Leadbetter, internationally recognized as the world's number-one golf instructor, this unique guide will help you develop the emotional and psychological toughness you need to shoot lower scores, come out on top, and enjoy every minute of the game–on and off the course. 1. Thou shalt have a great attitude. 2. Thou shalt always believe in thyself. 3. Thou shalt play thine own game. 4. Thou shalt play one shot at a time. 5. Thou shalt play with patience. 6. Thou shalt commit to every shot. 7. Thou shalt keep thy game simple. 8. Thou shalt play with no expectations. 9. Thou shalt play with trust. 10. Thou shalt never, ever give up. These are The Ten Commandments of Mindpower Golf–simple yet powerful principles that will help you outwit your toughest opponent: yourself. Plagued by doubt, a negative outlook, or a lack of trust in their own abilities, even the most technically proficient golfers will lose the game time and again to the nagging coach between their ears–because golf is at its core a head game. To win, you need to change your mind and the way you think about every moment on and off the links. Sports psychologist Robert K. Winters, Ph.D., of the renowned David Leadbetter Golf Academy at Champion's Gate in Orlando, Florida, has counseled golfers at every level, from amateur to top touring professional, on how to master golf's mental game. And, with his “Ten Commandments of Mindpower Golf,” the task is easier than you think.

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