The Business of Consulting : The Basics and Beyond


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“Practical, compassionate, and a good alternative to an MBA.”–Peter Block, author, Flawless Consulting
“FREE diskette includes sample invoices, correspondence, planning templates, and much more!”
Lacking a basic primer, many consultants have had to learn their jobs by trial and error. Now you can put an end to the guesswork. This how-to book gives you the actual tools and techniques you need in order to pursue a successful and profitable career in the world of consulting.
This book is sure to become a consulting classic!
“Here are the nuts and bolts for a successful career in consulting. A few hours with Elaine's book will save you years of trial and error.”–Jerry C. Noack, vice president/group publisher, TRAINING Magazine
“If I were just starting into the consulting field today, this is the one book I would choose to advise me, caution me, support me in my business, and ‘professionalize' me!”–Marjorie Blanchard, chief financial officer, Blanchard International
“Every consultant should apply her principled practices to guarantee satisfied customers.”–John E. Gherty, president and chief executive officer, Land O'Lakes
“This book is filled with real-world, practical and proven tactics that can be used to grow and build a successful consulting practice. It is a must-have resource for people who are thinking of becoming a consultant–and for those who already are one!”–Dana Gaines Robinson, author; president, Partners in Change
“Read her book. She shares all her secrets!”–Gail Hammack, regional vice president, McDonald's
“The Business of Consulting will serve as my consulting practice workbook. The comprehensive coverage of the subjectCalong with the practical tips–make it the best tool I have.”–Pam Schmidt, vice president, American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
There's more to consulting than just being a good consultant. You've got to manage your business.
When Elaine Biech asked Peter Block, the legendary author of Flawless Consulting, for a book or article that might answer some of her questions about running a consulting business, he could suggest no resource. There wasn't a source that illuminated the day-to-day life of a consultant. You learned by trial and error. Or you begged your peers for advice.
That was then; this is now. Here's the book that all consultants, new and old, have desperately needed.
Biech shows you how to:
**Develop a business plan
**Market your business
**Charge for your services
**Build a client relationship
**Grow your consulting business
**Ensure your continued professional growth
**Make money in the profession . . . and much more!
The enclosed disk contains the worksheets and forms presented in The Business of Consulting. Personalize these tools as needed and print them out in order to project cash flow, track your time, tabulate your expenses, hire a subcontractor, plan your marketing campaigns, and much more!
Whether you're embarking on a new career as a consultant or whether you've been a consultant for years, you'll be able to employ these resource right away. And if you're deciding whether consulting is the right profession for you, The Business of Consulting will show you just what you can expect to encounter. For years, consultants have depended on Peter Block's Flawless Consulting for advice on being an effective consultant. Now there's a source for advice on running an effective consulting businessCThe Business of Consulting is indispensable.
About the Author
Elaine Biech, the author of more than a dozen articles and books, is president and managing principal of ebb associates inc. Biech has been in the consulting field for seventeen years and has developed training packages for health care institutions; the insurance, banking, and shipbuilding industries; manufacturing companies; and government and nonprofit organizations.

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