Seven Soulful Secrets: For Finding Your Purpose and Minding Your Mission


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From the author of “Daily Cornbread, Seven Soulful Secrets will motivate women to become not just better than they are but the “best they can be.
In a tone that is as encouraging and comforting as your favorite quilt, veteran journalist and NiaOnline editor in chief Stephanie Stokes Oliver shows women of all ages how to get the most out of life by finding their purpose and minding their mission. In seven wonderfully crafted chapters, Stokes Oliver reveals her soulful secrets in a simple but potent acronym that spells PURPOSE.
-Purpose: plan, persevere, and follow your own personal mission
-Ultimacy: release your best, “ultimate” self
-Relaxation: reduce stress and incorporate daily self-care into your routine
-Positivity: claim the joy in your life and celebrate yourself
-Optimum health: make the commitment to self-improvement, health, and fitness
-Spirituality: develop and maintain a connection to God/Spirit
-Esteem: boost your self-esteem and create healthy relationships
At once a practical how-to book and a spiritual guide, “Seven Soulful Secrets speaks directly to the African American women who embraced “Daily Cornbread and to “all women eager to live a life that is authentic, vibrant, and fulfilling.

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