Selling to the Top : David Peoples’ Executive Selling Skills


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David Peoples reveals how you can reach the decision makers at the top and clinch the sale. It's tougher than ever to win over today's customers, but it helps to have David Peoples on your side. This internationally known author, speaker, and sales trainer has already trained over 8,000 IBM salespeople in his highly successful sales program. He gives you proven strategies for getting your foot in the top executive's door, building a relationship, and making the sale. In Selling to the Top, he tells you:How to quickly identify the decision makersHow to figure out who is the Dominant Influencer (DI)How to meet Mr./Ms. Big (it's much easier than you think)How to size up Mr./Ms. Big before you've metHow to develop a detailed plan for calling on executives and how to talk their language by knowing their goalsEverything you'll need to know about the art of persuasion, including how to win, three things that are necessary to persuade another person, how to build trust, and the five most powerful buying motivesHow to differentiate yourself from your competitor

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