Road Trip Guide to the Soul: A 9-Step Guide to Reaching Your Inner Self and Revolutionizing Your Life


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Take the wheel to reach your inner self and revolutionize your life! “Road Trip Gide to the Soul is a hands-on, practical, and delightful guide to spiritual growth. Full of accessible wisdom and helpful tips, it’s written in a hip, personal style that bring yogic truths right down to daily reality. Highly recommended.” – Sally Kempton “Sadie Nardini’s delightful new book is a user-friendly guide to transformation. It’s packed with easily digestible portions of wisdom for body, mind, and soul. It’s fun. And in the best spirit of yoga-it’s practical!” – Stephen Cope “This book is a compassionate, illuminating, and empowering companion for anyone looking to make holistic change in his or her life. Nardini’s stories, sprinkled throughout the book, are filled with a refreshing dose of humanity, and Nardini also includes expert advice based on yoga, Buddhism, and feng shui. The book shows us in practical terms how to create the life we want in our relationships, love, money, health, and most importantly, in our relationship to ourselves.” – Brent Kessel “It’s now more than five years since my brain cancer surgery. Now I call myself a survivor. One of my goals is to learn something new every day, and Road Trip Gide to the Soul is a great tool for accomplishing this goal.” – Lynn Kohlman “This is a bold and heartfelt offering to everyone who is starved for authentic spiritual nourishment. Born of the author’s extraordinary life journeys, the book is filled with real-world insights, dynamic wisdom and good old-fashioned storytelling. Road Trip Guide to the Soul is a taste of how life can and should be when lived with meaning, courage, clarity, and depth.” – John Raatz “No matter where you are on your journey, Road Trip Guide to the Soul provides a wonderful vehicle filled with tools that will reignite the passion, joy, and excitement in your life. If you find yourself in the back seat of your own life or at a fork in the road, Sadie Nardini is the ultimate tour guide.” – Barry Goldstein



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