Reiki for the Heart and Soul : The Reiki Principles as Spiritual Pathwork


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HEALTH / HEALING “Reiki for the Heart and Soul is a gift to us from a remarkable woman who lives and breathes her work. The book literally loves us into each and every precious principle, weaving its magic as we read, bringing us into a deeper understanding. I feel it should be required reading for all dedicated practitioners and teachers.” –Mari Hall, founder and director of International Association for Reiki and author of Reiki for the Soul: The Eleventh Door “This excellent book shows how the five Reiki principles can be used for personal development and spiritual growth. Suited to practitioners of every level, it is packed with insights and techniques invaluable to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding and practice of Reiki.” — Chris Parkes and Penny Parkes, authors of 15-Minute Reiki: Health and Healing at Your Fingertips “Amy Rowland's compassionate journey into Usui's world offers the reader a catalyst for a deeper connection with Usui the man and his Way of Being. She has captured the very essence of his spiritual teachings, creating a bridge between Eastern and Western Reiki teachings.” — Dave King, Reiki instructor and author of O-Sensei: A View of Mikao Usui Reiki practitioners and teachers recognize Reiki as a gentle and powerful healing method. The path to becoming a Reiki practitioner, however, is more than just a commitment to energy healing. It is also a commitment to personal growth. In Reiki for the Heart and Soul, Amy Rowland details how reflection on the five core Reiki principles presented in both the Western and Japanese traditions–do not anger; do not worry; be grateful; do an honest day's work; be kind–can be used by practitioners of all levels and lineages as powerful tools for personal and spiritual growth. Living the five core principles reinforces Reiki's subtle energy healing: it heals wounded self-esteem and builds healthy self-respect; it demonstrates the creative power of a positive attitude; and it presents a way to peace. Rowland discusses various translations of the Reiki principles, demonstrating how to integrate their teachings into daily life. Drawing upon her training in hypnotherapy and her experience as a counselor, she offers specific techniques and exercises for healing anger and fear as well as living with gratitude, integrity, and compassion. These techniques will help maturing practitioners discover a healthy, happy way of being in the world and to see the way forward on their spiritual path with a sense of clear guidance and grace. AMY Z. ROWLAND is a certified Usui Reiki Master with more than 20 years of experience. She has taught the Western tradition of Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho) since 1994 and also teaches workshops on the Reiki principles and on Reiki and intuition. She is a certified hypnotherapist and has worked as a clinical therapist. The author of Traditional Reiki for Our Times and Intuitive Reiki for Our Times, she lives in Pennsylvania.

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