Recovering Jesus: The Witness of the New Testament


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“Thomas Yoder Neufeld has provided readers with ‘the raw material and some of the skill with which to jump into the fray’ of the debates about Jesus. This highly readable book has been carefully honed through years of undergraduate teaching by a scholar who often preaches and teaches in church settings. Well informed and with enviable clarity, Neufeld presents the fruit of the best critical Jesus scholarship–hospitable for students in the pluralistic context of the university classroom. Anyone interested in the Jesus we encounter in the New Testament will turn these pages with great interest and profit.”–Graham H. Twelftree, Regent University”Tom Yoder Neufeld is an outstanding writer! An extraordinarily engaging teacher, Tom guides us with gripping vitality on an invigorating and exhilarating tour through the biblical accounts. Throughout the adventure he achieves the perfect voice–undergirding our faith even as he imparts necessary skills to sort through various scholarly debates concerning Jesus. This exceptional book is superb for both new and seasoned students of the Scriptures.”–Marva J. Dawn, author of “Talking the Walk””Recovering Jesus is a difficult task in our day. Skeptical words abound on many sides. Thomas Yoder Neufeld does a good and accessible job of clearing the decks and showing the way in this introduction to Jesus and his teaching in the context of the scholarly cacophony that surrounds Jesus. Nicely done.”–Darrell Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary””Not” just another Jesus book, Thomas Yoder Neufeld’s “Recovering Jesus” integrates sound scholarship with a profound and reflective faith. Written with a wide spectrum of contemporary college students in mind, Yoder Neufeld’s accessible and engaging prose will also attract thoughtful laypeople as well as busy church leaders. His centering the Jesus story in the ethic and theology of the kingdom of God is not only refreshingly true to the heart of our written Gospels but will be especially helpful for those who long to follow Jesus in life. Few scholars of Yoder Neufeld’s breadth and depth write with this clarity of thought and joy in discipleship.”–Mary Schertz, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary



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