Rebound : A Proven Plan for Starting over after Job Loss


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Been laid off? Fired? Pushed out? See it coming? This book will help you get back on your feet, develop a plan of action, and find your next great job! Real answers from real experts: What to do first…and what never to do How to cope with the havoc, trauma, and anger How to protect your professional reputation How to keep your options open Know your rights What to do while you’re out of work How to safeguard your finances What to tell your family How to keep it from happening again How to come back stronger and better than ever!
You’ve just lost your job. (Or you’re expecting to.) You know you’re not alone: Millions of great people are losing their jobs these days. But this is you we’re talking about. Losing your job can turn your life upside down. It can mess with your mind, your heart, your health, your family life…not to mention your financial security. Losing your job is just plain painful. This practical book will help you get through the trauma–and come out stronger, smarter, better. Top workplace expert Martha Finney brings together all the answers you need to empower yourself and regain mastery over your own life. Drawing on powerful insights and personal stories from an enormous network of experts, she answers questions like: How do I protect my finances? How do I get past the anger, alienation, and isolation? Why haven’t I heard from my coworkers? What are my rights? Can I get a better severance package? Can I sue? Should I? How do I stay on my career path and keep my options open? How can I objectively evaluate a new job offer?
From start to finish, this book will help you identify your best next steps: the steps that’ll help you get past the trauma and move forward–emotionally, financially, in your career, and in every part of your life. The 29 first, best, and worst things to do after a layoff or firing What to do right now–and what you should never do How to protect yourself, one step at a time Practical solutions for safeguarding your finances, your health, and your family Build your status as an “A” player Enhancing your visibility, skills, and even your prestige while you’re out of work Learn to love networking It’s not as bad as you think–really! Keep it from happening again Rethinking the whole way you look at employment



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