Raising Kids Who Can Protect Themselves


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A DYNAMIC PROGRAM FOR EMPOWERING CHILDREN OF ANY AGE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM HARM In this invaluable–and possibly life-saving–book, self-defense experts, former law enforcement professionals, and parents Debbie and Mike Gardner show you how to teach your kids to protect themselves when you aren't there to take care of them. Faced with a threat or compromising situation, your children will draw upon an arsenal of action techniques they've practiced at home, techniques that will help them defend their bodies and personal space, and move to safety. Discover everyday ways to fortify your children with the skills needed to survive a threatening situation, including: Age-appropriate methods for overcoming fear, reducing vulnerability, and building self-protection instincts Courage coaching as a way to create a “family” defense system Life-saving skills, such as quality eye contact, voice control, breathing, control of inappropriate crying, development of positive self-talk, and space awareness Site-specific survival strategies, from parties to the mall to sports practice Five foundations of raising self-reliant and safe kids, including courage-building activities in the home, and how to create a family “courage” vocabulary In building a family-defense plan with your kids, you'll provide your children with the emotional strength, problem-solving skills, and self-reliance necessary to make smart, brave, and safe choices–no matter what their age, no matter what the situation.

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