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With the hustle and bustle of all we have to do, we all need to take a moment to slow down. Use the Pathways Wall Calendar as your guide to a year of quiet focus and stroll through the year with these peaceful photographs as encouraging messages remind us to stay grounded and focus on the journey, not the destination. Follow the inspirational text from philosophers, great thinkers, and religious messages as you embrace your inner wanderer and find new moments and quiet paths. Use the calming and peaceful calendar as stunning dcor for any room, or surface, in your home. Or, frame your favorite inspirational images for year-round art. Every page of the Pathways Wall Calendar is printed on FSC Certified paper and the calendar features twelve full month grids with an additional four planning months leading in to next year. Full color pages throughout will guide you through the year and motivate you with inspirational quotes. For added organization tools, this calendar is available in decorative mini sized calendars perfect for lockers, cubicles, bulletin boards, or where space is needed. Be inspired every day with thought provoking text from around the world with the Pathways Wall Calendar and walk the path of discovery this year.*This calendar is perfect as dcor in your home, kitchen, or office and easily helps to keep track of important dates, contacts, and other events at a glance. Each calendar month is easy to glance at and see what responsibilities you have coming up, so make sure you stay organized through the year! Personalization is easy with different colors for appointments and trips, add stickers or stickie notes for a quick reference, or create your own system of symbols and abbreviations.***Best selling calendar title!Carefully curated images and textConveniently sized and handy organization toolStay organized all year with your favorite Wall Calendars, Mini-Wall Calendars and Planners. Perfect for moms planning for a family, students of all ages, and professionals in any field.Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, doctor appointments, and every important event! Perfect to carry throughout the year! Includes all major public and culturally significant holidays.Printed on high quality, FSC certified paper.Available as a mini wall calendar*Rave Reviews**””Lovely pictures. I?ll look forward to using it.”” Cmenth****About Brush Dance**Since 1989, Brush Dance has been creating mindful calendar products by combining the works of independent artists and photographs with the wise words of teachers, poets, and other writers. Brush Dance believes in embracing joy, inspiring hope, cultivating love, building intimacy, and celebrating life. In keeping with their commitment to mindful living, Brush Dance has dedicated their company to environmentally and socially responsible practices through printing both wall and mini calendars on FSC Certified paper and responding to worthy causes by donating supplies when possible. **Why Calendars?**Does your room need some color but you can?t decide on a piece of art? Do you want to redecorate but are on a budget and don?t want to break the bank? Wall calendars are the world’s most popular calendars with style and unique themes for every interest from art to animals, religion to meditations, family organizers and children?s themes. Fill your walls with life and keep them fresh all year with a beautiful and affordable calendar. The wall calendar format gives you enough space to keep yourself organized and provide breathtakingly beautiful decor for any room, or surface, in your home. A calendar is easy to glance at and see what responsibilities you have coming up this month, so make sure you stay organized through the year! You can personalize your calendar, too, with different colors for appointments and trips, add stickers or stickie notes for a qui


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