Organic Growth: Cost-Effective Business Expansion from Within


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Growth in value is core to any business. In the tumultuous, rapidly changing and highly competitive arena that exists today it is increasingly hard to achieve. High-risk and high-reward strategies such as merging and acquisition are still key to achieving growth, but it is now time to look at your assets and realize the opportunities that exist within your own company.
Organic Growth shows you how to unleash the sometimes overlooked skills within your organization and to enable you to deliver top-quality service and growth in value.
‘Organic Growth reminds us to confront tough situations head-on and without excuses by continually rejuvenating process excellence for the good of our workforce, customers and shareholders.'
Peter Davies, Chief Operating Officer, International Americas-DHL Worldwide Express
‘…In addition to the suggested tools and techniques, Organic Growth provides the reader with business attitudes and behaviours that will build the word growth into a company's strategic objectives and avoid misleading business fads…'
Albert George, President, Sodexho Alliance
‘Inventing PlayStation was a first step. Then staying at the forefront of the digital entertainment industry whilst continuing to expand our company is the result of systematic and sustained endeavours to create more intimate relationships with our customers. In Organic Growth I was pleased to read many recommendations, which are formalizing what our teams are so eager to permanently improve.'
Chris Deering, President, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
‘Once in a while an academic like myself comes across a book written by a non-academic that is exciting to read and relevant to the field. Jean-FrA(c)dA(c)ric Mognetti's Organic Growth is one such book. It's about getting more out of your existing business; it's also about intuitive, real-world lessons in good management that Jean-FrA(c)dA(c)ric has acquired as a consultant and a keen observer of managers. He shares these lessons with his readers in a personal and engaging style.'
Karam Kashani, Professor of Marketing, IMD, Switzerland
Special thanks go to Nancy Roth Remmington, Executive Director International Programs Goizueta Business School of Emory University, Atlanta, USA, for providing the business story entitled ‘Killing Your Ambassador'.

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