Mom for Mayor


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Eric would rather daydream about space aliens than do homework. But when his favorite playground is about to be sold to real estate developers, he launches into action. Discovering that the plan to sell the park comes from Mayor Bishop, who happens to be up for reelection, Eric convinces his mother to run for office — or so he thinks! Eric is so busy organizing petitions, designing signs, thinking up cool giveaways, and arguing with his nemesis Caitlin, Mayor Bishop's niece, that he forgets one important detail: telling his mom she's running for mayor! How can Eric persuade his mother to run, fend off Caitlin's rivalries, and still manage to get his homework done?
As the election nears, Eric learns some very important lessons about personal responsibility and the needs of the local community. This funny and touching story reminds young readers that anyone can make a difference in their neighborhood.

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