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The most recent addition to William C. Y. Lee's acclaimed series on mobile and cellular communications, Mobile Communications Design Fundamentals, Second Edition offers designers, researchers, and students an up-to-date, invaluable guide to the theoretical framework of mobile radio communications and how such systems are designed. With an abundance of new material, this Second Edition covers leading-edge Personal Communications Service (PCS), microcell, and CDMA systems, providing all the theoretical and design knowledge and know-how needed to design with both present and future technology. Useful as a professional handbook or as a senior/graduate level text, the book provides complete coverage of the differences between fixed and wireless radio systems, up to and including the new FCC-promoted PCS systems; an authoritative description of the mobile radio environment that gives engineers the necessary technical background to confidently select the appropriate radio technology; definitive, clearly presented design parameters for both the base and mobile units; troubleshooting approaches that help you anticipate the problems associated with each system and solve them when they arise; comprehensive guidelines for how to develop the system design and frequency plan and how to tackle all capacity issues, and new information on CDMA, a hot broadband radio technology…boosting microcell technology capacity with system planning…built in prediction…analyzing digital communication systems…and covering noncellular mobile radio systems, including those for data communication. With more than half of the material in this new edition based on the author's own widely recognized research work, Mobile Communications Design Fundamentals is a book no one interested in the new wave in mobile communications can afford to miss.

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