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What do your donors need? How can you win their support? For the nonprofit seeking to improve programs and increase fundraising, this book provides a step-by-step guide to listening to the needs of your donors through effective survey research. Bruce Campbell draws from over fifteen years of professional experience and real-life examples to provide many of the research tools that a nonprofit needs. He explains how to design questionnaires, select sample populations, create focus groups, analyze survey results, and much more. Throughout the book, there are tables, action steps, and sample questionnaires to help tailor your donor research to the organization's mission and goals. With the right approach, your nonprofit can not only build donor relations but also expand its resources. Listening to Your Donors is an essential tool for nonprofit executives involved with fundraising, communications, marketing, or public relations. [BACK JACKET] “This practical, thorough book on conducting effective market research comes from the person who has more professional experience listening to donors than anyone I know. Bruce Campbell has written a book that will be a very helpful resource for fundraisers and nonprofit executives who want to understand their donors and communicate with them profitably.”
A3/4Christopher Cleghorn, executive vice president for database enterprises, Easter Seals “I've been waiting for this book for a long time. Finally, Bruce Campbell guides us through the mysteries and the mumbo-jumbo of survey research and statistical analysis. If you want to understand why your donors aren't giving as much as you think they shouldA3/4and if you're looking for ways to persuade them to increase their givingA3/4this outstanding book will tell you how.”
A3/4Mal Warwick, chairman of Mal Warwick & Associates, Inc., and author of The Five Strategies for Fundraising Success “It is critical to the growth of any nonprofit that it learn who its donors are, what attitudes they hold, and how to motivate them. This book, based on Bruce Campbell's years of hands-on experience with a score of successful nonprofits, is full of solid direction regarding how nonprofits can better listen to their donors and other constituents toward this end.”
A3/4Martin Lonsdale, vice president of marketing, World Vision “With laser-like efficiency, Bruce Campbell applies the highly focused approach of a researcher to the tailored needs of nonprofit decision makers. He has compiled years of valuable experience into this handy book on tapping into the heart and soul of donors. No nonprofit manager should go without it.”
A3/4E. Dale Berkey, president, Berkey Brendel Sheline

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