Life after College : The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want


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“Life After College” is an essential manual for every graduating student and young professional. It features practical, actionable advice that helps people focus on the BIG picture of their lives, not just the details. “Life After College” will leave you feeling inspired, confident and ready to take action toward creating the life you really want.In “Life After College” Twitter meets “What Color is Your Parachute” for 20-somethings. Written by popular blogger and life coach Jenny Blake, “Life After College” provides tips, inspirational quotes and coaching exercises for every area of life including: Work, Money, Home, Organization, Friends & Family, Dating & Relationships, Health, Fun & Relaxation, and Personal Growth. The book is like having a portable life coach by your side — it is a “one stop shop” that is part journal, part motivator, and part guidebook. “Life After College” is a powerful life-planning tool that no twenty-something will want to be without!



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