Interior Design Course : Principles, Practices, and Techniques for the Aspiring Designer


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Interior design course
If you are planning a career as a professional interior designer, this valuable reference gives you the helpful information and inspiration that every aspiring designer needs. Organized into units that reflect courses given by top design colleges, “Interior Design Course ” offers a complete range of practical advice, starting with initial design ideas and culminating with completed projects.
You'll learn to think visually and develop your own personal style while you learn real skills from design professionals. You'll go through each step in the design process, which includes developing concepts, writing a brief, constructing models and technical drawings, communicating your design proposal, and presenting a final plan. Step-by-step tutorials guide you thorough the different challenges that arise in the design process. You'll get advice on finding sources of inspiration, planning living spaces, choosing color schemes, and working with textiles. A photo gallery of finished examples by professional designers and advanced students will inspire your own projects and give you valuable insights into the world of professional interior design.
Tomris Tangaz is a course director and a senior lecturer in interior design at the prestigious Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London. She has many years experience working as a professional interior designer on both commercial and residential projects.

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