Healthy Wealthy and Wise: 52 Life-Changing Lessons for the Twenty-First Century


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To be an attentive person, practice attentiveness. To be a compassionate person, practice compassion. To be a creative person, practice creativity. To be the person you want to be, practice the traits you desire. As great philosophers and leaders throughout the ages – from Aristotle to Benjamin Franklin – have observed, a life of joy, balance, and fulfillment is developed rather than bestowed. Andrea Rains Waggener helps readers put this life-changing insight into action, one week at a time. Healthy, Wealthy and Wise is a guide to practice better living. Using personal anecdotes and a lighthearted approach, the author describes fifty-two personal qualities (inspired by Benjamin Franklin's thirteen virtues) that contribute to happiness and contentment and outlines action steps for incorporating those traits into daily living. Here is a fresh, optimistic, and eminently do-able plan for readers interested in learning how to live their best life.

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