Growing More Beautiful : An Artful Aproach to Personal Style


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The first and only major book about fashion and beauty ever written by an artist, Growing More Beautiful: An Artful Approach to Personal Style is a lively, buoyant resource guide to projecting your essence with creativity and flair. The elements of making art, including many of the principles of design, help with any creative endeavor whether it is painting or creating an outfit. Not a book about aging gracefully or otherwise, but a guide for women of all ages to discover and project their unique personal style. In Growing More Beautiful learn how to: – Choose color and styles that flatter – Organize your closet and develop a wardrobe plan – Make shopping successful and fun – Buy a great bathing suit – Personalize your purchases with jewelry and accessories – Polish your look with make-up and hair tips – Get the glow by bringing more color, creativity and art into your life.

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