God, Where Are You?: Finding Your Faith in Dark Times


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Bring your questions to God as you face dark times. Have you found yourself asking these questions? A-How do I know if God is good? A-Why do bad things happen to me? A-Can I trust God to be in control? A-Do my prayers make a difference? As lifea (TM)s struggles challenge our faith, truths known in our minds can become questions in our hearts. In this in-depth Bible study for women, Kirkie Morrissey addresses lifea (TM)s big spiritual questions and helps us look to God and His Word for the answers. Youa (TM)ll search the Scriptures for yourself and find the hope youa (TM)re looking for. Each chapter includes relevant Scripture references, personal reflection questions, group discussion questions, and insights from great authors. Bring your questions to God as you study God, Where Are You? Youa (TM)ll find victory, comfort, hope, and faitha “a “even in the midst of dark times.

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