Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth: A Strategic Guide for Owners and Their Advisors


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Praise for EXITING YOUR BUSINESS, PROTECTING YOUR WEALTH “Every business owner and entrepreneur needs to read this book and then follow its directives to the letter. Absolutely essential!”
–Michael E. Gerber, founder/Chairman/CEO, Chief Dreamer Enterprises, and author of the “E-Myth books” “The marketplace of privately held businesses and the advisors who serve them has been waiting for and is very much in need of a book like Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth. This guide for owners and advisors illustrates how illiquid wealth that is trapped inside of a private business can be liberated and used to meet an exiting owner's personal goals. With literally millions of Baby Boomer business owners facing the challenging task of transitioning out of their businesses, Leonetti has developed a blueprint that can benefit virtually any private company owner who is looking for a solution to their business exit.”
–Rob Slee, private markets guru and author of “Private Capital Markets” “A priceless gem full of timeless wisdom and accurate insights. This book will help you and your advisors to achieve a more effective and graceful exit from your business. I highly recommend that you and your advisors follow John's counsel. Doing so can dramatically improve your outcome.”
–Bruce R. Wright, author of “The Wright Exit Strategy: Wealth–How to Create It, Keep It, and Use It”; inventor of Macro Strategic Planning Are you thinking about exiting your business? Are you financially prepared? Are you mentally prepared? An essential guide for exiting business owners, Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth helps you understand: The secret to setting exit goals How to know if you're ready to leave, or if you're addicted to your business The exit options that are available to you The “range of values” of the options you consider How to work with your advisors to design your exit strategy plan How to execute your exit strategy plan to meet your goals “Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth” will make this process easier with straightforward guidance for developing a focused and successful exit strategy plan.

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