Early Literacy Instruction: Teaching Readers and Writers in Today’s Primary Classrooms


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This proven K-3 literacy methods text models explicit instruction as a vehicle for developing reading and writing skills in primary grade students. The authors rely on both recent research and personal experience, sharing classroom-proven lesson plans, samples of student work, and examples from the classroom to ground and apply each chapter's content. By modeling explicit instruction and providing the tools and media you need to implement the approach in your classroom, “Early Literacy Instruction” prepares you for success in your primary classroom. “Modeling Effective K-3 Instruction” Chapters outline an explicit instruction model that is ideal for primary grades students. Vignettes open chapter to help students envision the effective teaching of each chapter's topics. Online video footage provides a clear vision of classroom implementation. Student work samples throughout chapters ground concepts and prepare readers for their own classroom.
“Implementing Explicit Instruction Model” You will not only examine the explicit instructional model, but you'll be given the tools you need to implement this framework in your own classroom. Lesson Plans, including considerations for struggling readers, help you plan explicit instruction for early literacy instruction. English Language Learner notes provide concrete suggestions for addressing the needs of students whose first language is not English. A strengthened focus on struggling readers – in feature boxes within each chapter, as adaptation ideas within lesson plans, and in a complete chapter (Chapter 11 – Interventions for Struggling Readers) – gives you the information you need to detect, assess, and address the needs of these students.
“Integrated Multimedia Resources” MyEducationLab is a research-based learning tool that brings literacy teaching to life. Through authentic in-class video footage, interactive simulations, and rich case studies, MyEducationLab prepares you for your teaching career by showing you what quality early literacy instruction looks like, providing examples of authentic teacher and student work, as well as other teaching tools. What's more, MyEducationLab is easy to use. In your textbook look for the MyEducationLab logo and follow the simple link instructions to access the MyEducationLab video or activity that corresponds with the chapter content. For more information, turn to the MyEducationLab walk-through preface or go to www.myeducationlab.com. To use MyEducationLab with this book, order the ISBN 0135035287 “Responses from the Field” “I thought the text was very clearly written, and contained many effective examples of strategies and activities that a beginning teacher could easily implement.” “Stacey A. Dudley, Bowling Green State University ” ” ” “I remember my first year of teaching. My concerns were: What do I do first? How long should I spend on this? On that? Where do I start? I say all this to emphasize how important your instructional framework is. This comment also comes as a thank you from me and from all my students. This text gives them strong guidelines and a concrete place to start.” “Barbara A. Schaudt, California State University, Bakersfield”

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