Double Your Retirement Income : Three Strategies for a Successful Retirement


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DOUBLE Your Retirement Income As corporations and the government continue to shift the responsibility for retirement savings to workers, employees at all economic levels must develop a personal plan to ensure a financially secure retirement. Financial professional Peter Mazonas is familiar with the new obstacles we all face when it comes to retirement planning, and in Double Your Retirement Income, he provides you with the tools and information needed to overcome them. Beginning with a broad overview of the economic realities you’ll face while developing a strategy to reach your retirement goals, this comprehensive guide helps you take a step back and make an honest assessment of what it’s going to take to retire on your terms. Filled with in-depth insight, expert advice, and illustrative charts and graphs, Double Your Retirement Income will show you how to: Effectively manage Defined Contribution Plans–such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and profit-sharing plans Understand Defined Benefit Pension Plans Buy and hold a balanced portfolio of no-load, low-fee index tracking products (such as ETFs and mutual funds) to double your retirement income Save more for your retirement by educating your children with other people’s money–loans, grants, and scholarships And much more



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