Differentiated Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners


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“Differentiated Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners “assists teachers in developing a multifaceted approach to successful instruction, uniquely clarifying the critical role of culture and language in working with English language learners. Carefully crafted chapters guide literacy educators from initial assessment to the development of successful, differentiated instruction. Drawing on their vast experience with teaching English Learners, Alice Quiocho and Sharon Ulanoff, offer teachers a myriad of practical strategies, lots of authentic teacher examples, and detailed lesson plans. They identify how to build English skills with English learners at every developmental level. In addition, the authors also feature a chapter detailing the steps necessary to reach English learners who have been identified for special education, a topic infrequently covered in other texts. The explicit lesson plans, field studies and classroom vignettes crystallize the theories presented in this text. Teachers will find that “Differentiated Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners “promotes a personalized approach to English learning that will prove to be a vital tool for anyone hoping to maximize their students' potential. What reviewers say: The authors know their field and they recognize and confirm teachers' abilities and expertise to enhance English language learners content literacy development. Janet Richards – University of South Florida I think the authors do a wonderful job … connecting theory to practice. The writers do an excellent job of writing a clear and interesting text. Debra Price – Sam Houston State University There is much value in the pedagogical features of this book. I have never seen such an extensive explanation of language acquisition and the different ways teachers can assess English learners. I think that it will be the best book on the market in this regard. Deanna Gilmore – Washington State University

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