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Expert guidance on exploring and choosing the perfect job for you From politicians such as Honest Abe to fictitious pitbulls such as Perry Mason to high-profile defense attorneys ready for their close-up on Court-TV, lawyers have been and continue to be American icons. But the American legal profession is much more complex than these stereotypes would suggest, having evolved into a specialized field with diverse opportunities for dedicated individuals. Before you invest your time, money, and effort pursuing a legal career, let “Careers in Law” provide you with an accurate portrayal of what various specialties entail as well as tips for finding and keeping the job that's right for you. Whether your interest lies in a solo practice, corporate team, or nonprofit agency, this updated edition will help you: Develop a comprehensive understanding of the legal profession throughout history Match your skills and personality to the law specialty that's right for you–environmental, labor, entertainment, and much more Assess your qualifications and create a professional game plan for success Prioritize your law school options and determine how to finance your education Familiarize yourself with current salaries, benefits, and the best job prospects With its detailed descriptions of all facets of the field, “Careers in Law” will prepare you for what to expect and what to project in order to succeed in the legal profession, no matter which path you choose.

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