10 Truths about Leadership: It’s Not Just about Winning


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Many leaders remember those life-changing moments when it suddenly became crystal clear what had to be done to reach their organizations' goals. It wasn't until Pete Luongo was faced with that one epiphany in his life, a difficult period that required him to rebalance life's priorities and bring a new understanding to his work, that he recognized that all results are based upon behaviors appropriate to the circumstances. Through this understanding — that actions are determined by specific, well-defined standards — he developed a model for success, one that is both sustainable and that allows people to retain their personal dignity as they pursue their life plans. In this book, Luongo illuminates the ten most common obstacles to success and pairs them with the ageless principles that help readers overcome them. His straightforward advice, based on data and hard-won experience, provides an understandable and virtually guaranteed plan for improvement and achievement.

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