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Achieve your goals by learning to manage yourself

Managing yourself can be a difficult task. It requires managing your energy levels – this is the most important thing in managing yourself. Managing your potentiality (managing your time units, managing your tasks – those are forms of managing potentiality too) is also an intricate process that requires at least some experience. And there are other things to consider as well: managing other people, managing perceptions, managing emotions, managing stress and so on…But how do you manage all these if you have barely enough time for yourself?

How managing-self affects managing abilities

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Here comes the main idea of this article. If we define managing self as “managing one’s own skills and abilities” then we may assume that managing ability is managing self. So, managing self is managing one’s own abilities to manage oneself. What did I just say? It sounds confusing, but it actually makes sense – we have to find a way of managing our weaknesses that will allow us to become stronger and better! And in managing the weakness itself (our inability to manage ourselves) lies an opportunity for growth: manage your managing-self and you will master yourself.


So, the first thing you have to manage is managing yourself. Managing your ability to learn managing and managing your managing-self is important for the overall success of managing yourself. What I mean by this is that if you cannot evaluate, predict or plan something correctly then there is no way you can achieve any goals (at least not without bumps and a lot of frustration). So managing self should be first on the managing list.

Technology can facilitate managing-self and success

The 21st century is here. The world has become digitalized, and it seems like technology is the key to success in every aspect of life. And you are right – managing your time, managing your energy levels, and managing other tasks can be so simple with a smart assistant on your side that does most of the things for you automatically. These assistants come in form of apps or special tools that automate certain processes on behalf of their users [1]. But such kinds of tools might require some investments (time or money) to get them up and running. And here comes good old self-discipline once again – should we rely too much on these automated helpers? Is it safe? Will they really help us manage our lives better or will they replace us and make our lives worse? I think managing yourself and managing managing-self is a matter of managing priorities. An app or tool that makes your managing life easier may not be applicable in all kinds of situations, so you should always rely on what works best for you. But it may be a good idea to test managing-self managing apps/tools and managing yourself managing apps/tools in the same time so you can get both a feeling of managing your managing-self managing abilities and managing all (including managing yourself) at once.

Contrary to what you may have been led believe, the key to success is not “hard work” or any other abstract and intangible idea. In reality, it’s just a matter of managing yourself efficiently so that you can achieve your goals. Manage Yourself teaches readers how self-discipline manifests in many different ways: getting out bed early every day for exercise; conducting research on companies before interviewing with them for jobs; resisting temptations like unhealthy food or excessive social media usage by creating rules about what constitutes acceptable behavior at certain times of the day–rules they are willing to enforce upon themselves through monitoring their progress over time via charts created from data accrued automatically throughout everyday life using an app such as HabitRPG (which also provides rewards).

The two main ways of managing managing-self

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh
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But how do we go about this process of managing managing-self? There are two main ways: 1) learn from others; 2) practice on your own – whatever you are doing, try always to remember that you should be practicing, not just working. If something goes wrong, or even if you are doing it just fine, try to understand why.

Let us start with the first way of managing managing-self: learn from others. Which others? Other persons. How? Well, you have plenty of options here – books, courses, lectures, podcasts and so on… I believe that managing managing-self is one of the most unexplored topics in today’s world, so there are very few sources available – but still many more than none. Here is an extensive list [2] of managing managing-self resources for your convenience.

So far, we have managed to understand the phrase managing managing-self as managing abilities/skills/potentiality etc., which allows us to manage ourselves by practicing them. But how do we practice managing our managing managing-self?

To become better in managing managing-self we can practice managing managing ourselves. In other words, we should choose some tasks to do and manage its process as if we were managing the managing managing-self! And then repeat this with something else – and something different. Practice makes perfect, right? So, keep practicing until you are practicing without even (or especially) knowing that you are doing it! The important thing here is to be aware of your actions and ask yourself “am I trying to improve my managing or am I just working?” If the answer is obvious, then everything’s fine; if not then try to manage your actions so they help you become a master of your own abilities.

Managing managing one’s energy

Finally, managing managing-self is managing managing one’s energy. Managing the managing of the managing of managing of managing (etc.) will lead you to mastering your skills, which will help you manage yourself on multiple levels and levels and levels… And when you are good at this, nobody can stop you. You are a master of everything that can be managed: from managing self to managing others to accomplishing any task – nothing is impossible for someone who practices enough! Managing managing managing yourself will lead you to success!

What did I manage to learn from this experience? Practice self-discipline as often as possible – find opportunities to practice it, even if you are already practicing other things. And never forget that managing your energy is the most important part of managing managing managing managing managing managing managing managing managing managing managing managing yourself. Oh, and that you should try to understand why things are going wrong in your life.


In conclusion: get some practice in “managing your own abilities” (or potentiality) -> do it well -> get more experience -> repeat. Keep repeating until they become habits; this means that if you repeat often enough, then those actions will become your habits and you will be managing managing managing-self without even thinking about it! Oh, and if you have not been managing managing managing yet – start as soon as possible. You will see managing managing managing managing managing… Managing managing-self means managing your own potentiality – if you manage managing managing-self properly, then it is impossible to fail!

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